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About Us

Some of the best years of my life were as a Hockey mom.  
My son played travel hockey so we spent many weekends on the road, in hotels.  I noticed there was always a lot of soap bars wasted and wondered about a solution.  
I was also bothered by the ineffectiveness of the standard washcloth we use for bathing.  The common alternative - the plastic net pouf never felt organic to me and felt more like a plastic bag against my skin.
When I was young I lived with my German great-grandmother Katarina.  She was my inspiration and best friend.  Despite a gimp leg, during the week she would tie her kerchief around her head and hobble out across the dirt drive way.  Here she worked in our one acre garden where we lived on Denver Street.  
For hours I would sit with her at the kitchen table with the backdrop of the sound of the cuckoo clock (which I still have today) and listen to her stories about the "Old Country."   (That's Katarina in the photo holding flowers sitting on the rocking chair). 
She was raised on a farm where they grew, made and used most everything.  There was little waste.   Always productive, in her spare hours she sewed doll clothes, aprons and pot holders for charity.  She made her own noodles and bread.  
She instilled in me her great European values of hard work and thrift.  She taught me to waste little.  From her I learned to sew.  She inspired in me the love of creation...


With a thought to come up with a better way to bathe and clean skin, while stimulating new cell growth -  I created a product that makes use of an entire soap bar while creating an exceptionally healthy, high lather way to polish and stimulate skin renewal each and every time you bathe.  

The result is an aesthetically beautiful, personalized and effective way to do this while saving and using up every bit of your soap bars. 
Never waste soap again.
Introducing SOAPSLEEVE:  A Revolutionary Bathing and Skincare device...
SOAPSLEEVE combines the most effective  benefits and qualities of the wash cloth, the pouf, the exfoliating scrub and the loofah all into one - while maximizing use of entire soap bars of most any size.
More SOAPSLEEVE concepts are coming soon; in a wide variety of designs, themes and styles including licensed patterns, textures and children's line.
SOAPSLEEVE™ is currently available in one size... the LONG is approximately 39-43 inches in length by 7 inches wide.   
Compact SHORT and Extra LONG versions are coming soon. 
If you have health-related needs for custom lengths please Contact us for special orders and we will strive to work with you.
There are some limited SHORT length SoapSleeves available approximately 23-27 inches in length (x 7" w).   Email us directly for purchase as they are no longer available through our Amazon site.
Patent no. 9,668,619 B2